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It's raining DNA hallelujah

The fact that ‘Wild Flowers’ are so called tells us a lot about the way we view nature.  They are named after the part which appeals to us aesthetically.  I think they should be  renamed  ‘Wild  Seeds.’  I can imagine our early ancestors would have been a lot more  interested in this, possibly edible,  part of the plant.
To the plant this is  the business end of the year – the time when it makes copies of itself. It also makes means of dispersing these copies. Hence the ‘possibly edible’ part - some plants bribing other organisms to act as their couriers – “here’s a juicy blackberry for you if carry these mini-me’s down to the bottom of the hill”.

Over the last  couple of weeks, on my patch walks,  I’ve been marveling at the variety and sheer abundance of these seedheads.  A windy day transformed a field full of thistles into a downy blizzard. Berries have been ripening – an ‘eat-me’ advertising campaign. Himalayan Balsam has been setting seed booby traps – ready to turn bazooka at t…