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Everyday magic

Gleaming lances of shivelight  Gleaming lances of shivelight pierce the canopy - dawn’s first rays threading their way through the outstretched arms of a lone ash tree. Just before starlight meets the ground it illuminates a patch of morning mist. Solar spotlights pick out an ever changing fragment of the new day with a shimmering band - shot through with essence of firefly. This is a scene I’ve witnessed on many occasions during my morning visits to my patch. It’s an entirely accessible slice of every day magic. So can we find - awe in the ordinary - wonder in the workaday? My answer would be a resounding yes! If you don't see it look closer, or from another angle...or with a different mindset. You can look at something with a jaded ‘seen it all before attitude’ or you can choose to shift your gaze and look anew, donning kaleidoscope-tinted spectacles – the ones that infuse everything with wonder. I think my experience of patch watching has been such an exerc