Visual Art

A selection of visual art - both physical and digital - inspired by the patch

Swallow - Oil paint on canvas board

Montage of a pair of displaying Great Crested Grebes

This is a Patch Portrait - collage of patch wildlife with the perimeter and contour lines picked out with the names of species that live there.

Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers, printed out the 'Minimal wildlife' designs from my blog  and used them as a quiz / fun activity

I've been collecting these shed pieces of sycamore bark with the wonderful zoned / contoured effect - I painted them, and put them on canvas board.

"With the father a rainbow and the mother a butterfly"

I walk in nature

until I have gone away

and nature walks me

White Poplar Autumn leaves
Many more of these Autumn leaf designs

Japanese Maple Autumn leaves

the morning in strips

vertical strips of the same piece of sky one October morning at 5 minutes intervals

An image I made to accompany my poem "Two White Horses"

"The spider and the sun collaborated"


  1. Very much appreciate your playful work with images and colour.

  2. I was drawn here by a tweeted poem of yours & every page is delightful! So much wonderful artistic interpretation of such seemingly simple things. A real treasure trove, thank you!

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