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The Patch in Strips


My A-Z of the Patch - part 1

Abor (tree) + lith (as in megalith - stone) A tree like a standing stone such as this ash tree on the patch.

In April when I stand by the lake the morning sun climbs up the side the trunk, then for a moment seems to be embraced in its lower boughs.

Perhaps this is how standing stones were first sited by our ancestors - they noticed a certain tree / solar alignment which developed meaning for them and so made this more permanent with a stone in the same position.

A couple of years ago I compiled an A-Z of the Patch using existing regional or specialised words and focussing on the patch (Word Magic). This is a follow up in which I've come up with an A-Z of my own coinages and this is part one - A to M.

I think for anyone who pays close attention to single area - a patch watcher - it's fairly normal to invent their own names for certain corners of their plot that stand out. I have 'Stonechat Fence' and 'Wheatear Ridge'.

They may, however, have even more speciali…

I've just been out sowing some music

I've just been out on the patch sowing some music - been planting some staves on the patch.
The idea is that it generates a piece of music - environmental / accidental music. Ideally things will fall onto the staves or they'll be marked / weathered in some way that will be playable as notes - even better if i can use something from the place to make the sounds Possibly using similar techniques to the Dog Rose Dance I made previously - see below. I've no idea if will yield anything - or if it does how I'll 'play' it, or if I'll be able to find them again or if they're still where I left them. Anyway if felt good to be out in the sun planting music to see what comes up.