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Haiku of the patch

I've created four haikus of the patch - one for each season. Although I've adhered to the structure of  5-7-5 syllables, I'm not entirely sure they'd pass muster for the strict haiku purist. Typically a haiku is an observation involving a fleeting moment in nature. These certainly concern nature, but are more attempts to evoke something about a detail - as depicted in the photo - than just the one moment. Maybe I should  describe them as short poems with the structure of a haiku. My favourite kind of nature photo are those that home into to a small detail. I think there's a certain 'haiku-ness' to this kind of photo. After completing these it occurred to me that there are some pleasing parallels between a haiku and this blog itself. The haiku writer is limited by structure of the poem. Similarly,  in concentrating on a small area of countryside - the patch  - the mind is concentrated in the same way. This is the video I made ea