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Nature waits on us hand and foot.

I had a bit of a slump last week so I wasn't able to do my usual morning patch walk. Instead I sat in the garden for about an hour.

This took me right back to what it is was like during my 10 year stint in a wheelchair. 

In a good way.

It reminded me of an insight, seemingly obvious, but nonetheless striking. If you can't go out into the world, the world comes to you.

As I sat and let the dawn chorus wash over me - song thrush, Blackbird, goldcrest, skylark, yellow hammer, birdsong drip dripped via ear drums, into my brain - delivered right to me...

...and sensed the golden touch of the first rays of the morning sun. It felt like nature was bringing me gifts - laying them at my feet. I was being waited on hand and foot.

I would never claim that being unable to walk is even remotely a good thing - that would be patently absurd (not to mention insulting to many people).

However there are consolations.

Part of it is lowering your sights...or more like altering your sights, seeing things …