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Insects getting jiggy with it

Dagger flies mating (Rhamphomyia sp.).  The female is eating a nuptial gift - a small insect - given to her by the male in order to secure mating rights. The courtship behaviour of the Dagger flies has been much studied and many have elaborate courtship rituals. In some species competition between females, for these gifts, is so strong that they have evolved ornate features -  feathery scales on their legs, darkened wings, and inflatable abdominal sacs to increase their attractiveness. Some people say it's much the same with humans - however, I for one, have yet to see an attractive woman with an  inflatable abdominal sac. My main patch pursuit over recent weeks has been mapping all the warblers, along with the Red Data species of birds. This has involved getting up at first light when song is at its height. First light used to be at reasonable time like 7 o'clock, however the government has seen fit to shift this to the frankly ridiculous time of 4.30. On a few occasio