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Insects getting jiggy with it

My main patch pursuit over recent weeks has been mapping all the warblers, along with the Red Data species of birds. This has involved getting up at first light when song is at its height. First light used to be at reasonable time like 7 o'clock, however the government has seen fit to shift this to the frankly ridiculous time of 4.30.

On a few occasions, though, I have managed to get onto the patch later in the day, to enjoy the recent spell of warm weather.  I have been enthralled to see a bustling, zig-zagging, swarming profusion of insect activity - a lot of it aimed at that perennial favourite - sex.

One of the most obvious insects at this time of year is the St. Mark’s Fly, so-called because they emerge around St Mark’s Day on 25th April.  They are very distinctive with their trailing undercarriage of dangling legs.

The swarms of males, intent on finding a mate are very much in evidence. Interestingly male St. Mark’s Flies have eyes which are divided into two - the lower and…