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Li - Patterns in Nature

"the  asymmetrical, nonrepetitive, and unregimented order  which we find in the patterns of moving water, the forms of trees and clouds, of frost crystals on the window, or the scattering of pebbles on beach sand.”  Alan Watts The Chinese word - 'Li' refers to the patterns in nature that are continually forming and re-forming around us. fixed patterns dynamic patterns patterns within patterns patterns in time patterns in space patterns that we create in our own minds through our unique perceptions of these patterns The li can be seen as the ever-changing, ever-present set of patterns which flow through everything in nature.  And they flow through our perceptions of the world. There are several ways of categorising the kinds of patterns found in nature These are the 24 from the book 'Li: Dynamic Form in Nature' by David Wade (link below) with examples from things I've photographed Aggregation – collocation of elements (fungus spore print) Anfractuous – winding