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The Astronomical Patch

The Sun and Moon are visible from my small plot of south Lancashire as, of course, is the whole of the night sky, but what has astronomy got to do with the patch? The answer is flippin’ well everything!

1) The patch is part of the universe  ...self-evidently

2) Everything comes from stars. The ‘stuff’ of the patch, along with our bodies and everything else on Earth, was formed inside stars billions of years ago. When Joni Mitchell sang ‘we are stardust’ she wasn’t just coming over all hippy (and indeed dippy) ...she was right.

A briefest of brief  histories of the universe
Some time after the Big Bang hydrogen and helium were formed. Young stars were then formed, as gas clouds coalesced due to the force of gravity. As they became denser, they became hotter and at their core hydrogen and helium fused to form the heavier elements….and everything we see around us.

Yes, we are made of stars.

3) Energy comes from the Sun.
All life requires energy, and all that energy comes from the Sun1. Green…