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It's happening all over again!!

It's happening all over again!! ...the fungi season that is. There's a lot to enjoy about autumn. Especially the fungi. Extruding up through autumn's cracks - the strange fruit of an underworld - a weird blossoming of textures, shapes smells. And this is one my favourites - Hare'sfoot Inkcap mushroom growing on a favoured habitat - woodchip mulch by a car park this afternoon. The delicate beauty of these fungi is stunning with their cap margins inrolling to form black-ribbed translucent bowls.

I find these beautiful fungi incredibly photogenic. The caps picked out with fine lines - as if drawn in black ink - are paper thin and translucent and only last a matter of hours. I experimented with backlighting some.

summer's face sees ghosts of autumn

summer's face sees ghosts
of autumn, drained of green,
haunted into colours

Music Video - Sunrise from the Ridge

A music video combining a track of mine with some photos of dawn on the patch (the photos gradually 'assemble' themselves)


Four Haikus

the morning is cut from tissue, dipped first in mist then laid down in strips

fishing boat moon hauls in the catch, silver bellies
last remnants of day

the dawn wasn't sure it was beautiful; the world
held up a mirror

the spider makes a
harp of the morning and plays
a song of sunlight