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A barn owl mist

Yesterday evening I saw something wonderful. I saw a barn owl mist. I gave the view out of the window one last look before drawing the curtains on the day. What I saw - I'd never seen the like of before.  I've seen plenty of mist but never like this. A pearly shroud draped over  atmosphere. It was as if all the particles in all the gaps  had been painted white. A dream of mist. It looked barely real -  dry ice pumped onto a stage, but as a herald for what.... Then I saw it. A crack must have opened to let the barn owl in white side up ghost side down mothborne from another world A mist owl. Slipped into mist, tilted out of it. Became it. An owl made from mist. Fog matadored bird, that created then dissolved back into murk. A dance of back and forth. Just as the owl was a mist owl so the mist was a barn owl mist. As if there were a cloud - essence of  barn owl swirling over the ground. So concentrated at its core that it manifested a pirouetting, butterflying, hawkmothing, turni