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Introduction to lichens

Lichens on Trees - common, easily identifiable species high resolution poster - it can be downloaded here   It's an A2  PDF (which is 4 times A4, but the will resize to A3 or A4). There is a a bit of a lichen bonanza on this branch Leafy ash lichen -Ramalina fraxinea (long trailing one on the left - uncommon) Shaggy Strap Lichen - Ramalina farinacea (bushy one bottom left - very common) Ramalina fastigata (bushy, 'flasky' one in the middle) Hammered shield lichen - Parmelia sulcata (grey leafy 'hammered metal'- very common) Wall lichen - xanthoria parientina (yellow one near top - very common)  also Lecidella elaeochroma & Lecanora chlarotera I've found that with several difficult groups (mosses being another one), it's difficult for a novice to find a 'way in'. You're immediately plunged into the deep-end - lots of similar, hard to identify species, unfamiliar terminology and resources mainly ai