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Team Sky

Most people are unaware that one of the wonders of nature is going on above their  heads - quite possibly  at  this very moment.  Bird Migration.
I’ve never grown out of  the thrill of witnessing migration in progress. I think it started during my wheelchair-bound days -  sitting in the garden watching this avian spectacle seemed like a taste of freedom as if a part of me fleetingly hitched a ride.  
Birds on a long  journey…you look up and catch a glimpse.  This morning they might  have been in Cumbria, they may touch down in Staffordshire.  Like a stage of the Tour de France, you are the roadside spectator - the birds are Team Sky.

There’s the unexpected. Most of what you see are the common birds – Swallows, Pipits, Finches – but you keep on watching,  willing the sky to give up rarity - a passing Osprey maybe . Anything can turn up  - usually it doesn’t, but just give it  another ten minutes…who knows.
It’s fascinating as well to compare what’s happening in your patch of sky to w…