"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower"

From the inside birch, hazel, beech, cherry, hornbeam, sycamore

Beech leaves. The outer and inner rings the are upper sides of leaves - a beautiful warm brown. The middle ring is the coffee coloured undersides


Birch leaves
A trudge becomes a treasure hunt

One of my favourite things is to be doing something - it happens most of when walking on the patch - feeling uninspired, maybe bored - then completely turning it around.

...a thoroughly dull and grey, uninspiring October morning with little of interest. Then I noticed something new - the wonderful way leaves were turning autumnal.

The fantastic patterns and combinations of colours were unique to each. Suddenly this beauty was all around. I started looking for the best ones. A weary trudge had become a treasure hunt, I had a autumnal spring in my step.

This isn't hidden beauty in the way maybe some inaccessible wonder deep in a cave is hidden - it was there all along. It's only hidden until we see it.

It's everywhere.

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower" - Albert Camus

You could go to Canada to see a spectacular display of autumn colours or you could go to the nearest patch of brambles - the range of colours on display is incredible!

White Poplar - autumnal fallen leaves - they go almost jet black on top and some stay white underneath


The humble hawthorn sometimes gets forgotten when it comes to an appreciation of autumn colours - but they're beautiful!
- with all kinds of reds, yellows, oranges and purples.


Goat willow

Oak (quercus robor)

Cherry, hazel, white poplar, goat willow

Hornbeam - I love hornbeams (Carpinus betulus) all through the year, but they're particularly beautiful in autumn.
The fallen leaves go from bright yellow to warm and golden then to the colour of coffee.

Japanese Maple

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  1. Great stuff and I love that Camus quote.

  2. Magnificent! I'm inspired to go out and do the same thing, and I will.

  3. And the pictures are just as beautiful a year later!

  4. Beautiful work. I always thought that I was looking and seeing - but now, I realise I am not - certainly not enough.

    1. Thank you John!
      (I've been admiring your photos too)


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