Meet our new alien overlords

This is Leiobunum rotundum - a harvestman - on a wall this morning.

That's all very well, but why don't you furnish us with an all-time top 6 of Leiobunum rotundum facts - I here you say. Well here it is:


  • can self-amputate their legs if in danger
  • produce a smelly secretion that repels predators 
  • drink a lot of water - especially dew
  • eat small inverbrates, including caterpillars, mites, woodlice, and slugs
  • sometimes suck the juice out of overripe fruit 
  • will sometimes go to lights to eat insects that are attracted to them

I, for one, intend to get on the right side of these boys. If they bizarrely and unaccountably became a million times their current size and took over  - I wouldn't want them for enemies.

Leiobunum rotundum - female

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  1. Nice Blog Phil,
    Very diverse subjects :-)

  2. Very interesting comments about bugs and alien species thanks - and some spectacular photos too


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