My Old Lady

Old Lady
The mothing has been good over the last few days. I've been getting around forty species a night in the trap. As I mentioned previously, this is fairly paltry compared to some, but not bad for my small Heath/Actinic trap stuck in a corner of the garden.

They've  including this whopper - The Old Lady. With a wingspan of 65 mm I was slightly surprised it managed to squeeze its way into the trap. When it took off it looked more bat than moth.

Red-necked Footman
Other good moths have including Red-necked Footman a scarce migrant, and new for this 10km square. Anania perlucidalis - a micro - was also a new one for the square.

Another one - the Beautiful carpet lived up to its name by being beautiful and is another quite scarce species in Lancashire .

When I examine the trap first thing in the morning I'm usually only half-awake. I quite often pick up the micro book instead of the macro book and visa versa. However this morning I outdid myself. I couldn't understand why the one I was looking for wasn't in the index. I was looking though wild flower book - not just the wrong book but the wrong kingdom!

Elephant Hawk moth

Beautiful Carpet
Anania Perlulicdalis
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