In praise of getting up early

There are several disadvantages in getting up early – the main one is that you have to get up early. The light is often poor for photography, fewer insects are active, and furthermore you have to listen to Farming Today on the radio – that’s right you have to.

On the other hand, the first light brings some magical  sights - ephemeral things that only you are privy to.

As I walked onto the old golf course, I could see a small  patch of mist suspended over the Ragwort, grass and thistles. Suddenly the sun broke through the sentinel row of fir trees. Rays illuminating the water droplets  gave a fantastic spotlight effect. They were like a natural version of the 'Super Troopers' Abba sang about…that time.

I walked down the bank to get a closer look - like the kind of person who thinks they can get to end of rainbow - or ‘simpleton’ as they’re more commonly known. I walked back and watched as the sun rose, continually  breaking through higher and higher branches – the sun-rayed beams constantly changing.

Soon the show was over and I continued my walk. There were Chiffchaffs seemingly everywhere and as the morning warmed up, more and more broke into song – an autumnal echo of Spring.

Two Teal were at the lake, as were  a party of five grounded Grey Wagtails. A Spotted flycatcher in the garden was a very welcome ‘garden tick’ and a juvenile Blackcap fed on the elderberries.

Spotted Flycatcher in the Garden

Juvenile Blackcap

Common blue butterfly - male

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  1. Gorgeous images of the early morning mist and sun - it's a beautiful time of day (when I manage to drag myself out to see it!). How great to see a Spotted flycatcher in the garden too.

  2. Thanks! - yes Spot Fly was excellent - I've only got a bridge camera so no super-duper shots unfortunately

  3. I live on a ridge quite some ways away, but your description of the sun breaking through higher and higher branches spoke to my soul. Spot on.


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