Things that look like stained glass windows

Alder Leaf - munched by larvae of the alder leaf beetle

Last year I wrote a blog piece entitled "why do things look like other things". Well things are continuing to look like other things!!

I'm going to post a series of what I would call "picture essays" if I were very pretentious. As I'm only moderately pretentious I'm calling them "essays in pictures" (that might actually be more pretentious - ed).

A stained glass window is undoubtedly one of those things that it's seen as good to resemble (unlike, say squashed chewing gum or a dog turd). It's a simile that denotes beauty - of a specific kind.

The quality that appeals is the mosaic of translucent sections or panels. Every now and then I think to myself - 'that looks like a stained glass window'
....and I like it.

Rippling water

Wing of the Gold Spot Moth

More rippling water

Stained Glass window (Salisbury Cathedral)

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