Classic Patch!

After a couple of weeks of setting off on my patch walks in the dark – often getting back in the dark, often in the rain and not bothering to remove my lens cap, this morning was all the more welcome.

A beautiful, bright, crisp morning – a classic! It’s a good job no one was in earshot as every few steps I’d let out a ‘wow!’ or an ‘oh!’.

Then when I got to the top of the ridge and saw one of the best ‘sea of mist’ effects ever – a “no way!”.

Top marks to the sun, sky, mist, fact nature, for a great show this morning - Classic Patch!

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  1. Lovely shots and yes what a morning!

  2. Superb! Have you ever considered joining Blipfoto daily photo diary?

    1. thank you - no I'd hadn't heard of Blipfoto


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