This Skylark will change your life

This Skylark will change your life - no really!
On my patch walk, I saw a skylark perched on a wall. I stopped to watch it for a while and took a photograph.
It occurred to me that this bird has changed my life. All the subsequent moments after seeing the lark would have been slightly different had it not been there. And all those lark-rearranged causes and conditions will continue to cascade into the future.
But what about the Skylark. It was only there, at that place and that time, because of a host of factors. That insect, would have influenced it – the one that laid its eggs, hatching into lark food….and that insect foodplant…
And so it goes on. A ‘world wide web’ – an infinity of interconnections. Ripples on ripples.
A friend on Facebook kindly posted a link to an article he thought would interest me. This reminded me of a documentary I’d seen before, which I then re-watched. My life will never be quite the same simply because of the handful of keystrokes and clicks he carried out on his computer.
And what about me. Everyone I come into contact with today, even the most trivial interactions like a smile or a word said or not said, or a lark that I flush from a wall – or something I write on Facebook - will affect people and things, which will in turn affect those around them.
And what about you. Exactly the same thing applies. Whatever you do today will change the world – because of you the world will never be quite the same.
...and if you've finished reading this, your life has been changed by that skylark - sitting on that wall.
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  1. Delightful. Thank you. You've succinctly expressed my philosophy for living.

  2. so so wise and true - nature connects us all


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