Everything is new all the time

Just an ordinary little scene in a tiny corner of Planet Earth.
Birch & ferns picked out in spotlights of the sun's first rays - the warmth raising mist in wisps.
But never seen before - not just like this - and never to be repeated.
...a slice of magic!

I’ve walked on the small corner of our planet – the one I call ‘my patch’ – maybe a thousand times. I’ve crossed this unexceptional parcel of land nearly every day for the last few years.
The same path from the cemetery on to the old abandoned golfcourse - nothing to see here. The track that becomes muddy in autumn’s rain and seems want to stay muddy long after dryness has come back into fashion.
But wait...
It’s never been muddy quite like this. I’ve had to skirt round it, clinging to dry parts – but never quite in this way.
And look at those thistles, that arrangement of spikey seedheads, one in front, two behind. And the way they seem to slide past the willows at the back, as I walk by – I’ve never, ever seen that – it's a totally new thing.What about that beech tree trunk, with its network of byways made of darker bark as it dries out after rain...brand-new.

I find that the dullest of days, the most uninspiring of scenes can be completely and instantly transformed by the simple act of putting on, not rose-tinted spectacles, but the ones that see novelty in everything and every moment.
Every ‘now’ and all that it contains is new - it’s just a case of seeing it. All it requires is a simple ‘tilt’ of the mind – a slight change in the way things are perceived.
It doesn't require any great effort or 'going deep' – it's all there on the surface.

Nor does it require great powers of observation. 

Whatever is arriving in consciousness right now  - the sum total of the sights, sounds, smells, feelings, thoughts that make up this moment - it's new. It's never been experienced before and will never be again. Just a little mental 'turn of the dial' allows this to be seen.
And it only requires a small sidestep, from ‘everything is new’ to ‘everything is beautiful’ – they go hand in hand and are equally rewarding.
I think It’s a good way of looking at things – I recommend it!

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