It's happening all over again!!

Hare'sfoot Inkcap mushroom (Coprinopsis lagopus)
It's happening all over again!! ...the fungi season that is. There's a lot to enjoy about autumn. Especially the fungi. Extruding up through autumn's cracks - the strange fruit of an underworld - a weird blossoming of textures, shapes smells. And this is one my favourites - Hare'sfoot Inkcap mushroom growing on a favoured habitat - woodchip mulch by a car park this afternoon. The delicate beauty of these fungi is stunning with their cap margins inrolling to form black-ribbed translucent bowls.


I find these beautiful fungi incredibly photogenic. The caps picked out with fine lines - as if drawn in black ink - are paper thin and translucent and only last a matter of hours. I experimented with backlighting some.

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