A music that couldn’t be played.

A music that couldn’t be played.

There was a music that couldn’t be played. It was overflowing with beauty, life and colour. But there was nothing to play it.

It pervaded every corner of the universe. But it couldn’t be played. So it remained a potential – the possibility of music.

And the universe stayed quiet, not a note of it sounded through the cold, silent aeons.

Until the Earth.

Like an orchestra at the beginning of a piece it started quietly, tuning up for a time.

Then it played. How it played!

It played with symphonies in trees. Loud joyful songs in birds. Insect concertos. Choirs in the oceans. And exultant crescendos where all of nature sounded together.

At last the music could be played. The music could play itself – through the Earth and everything living.

The Earth had given voice to the music and it rung throughout the universe.

The music is playing now.

Can you hear it?

You are one of the players.

Don’t let it stop.

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