"The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper."

The word ‘magic’ can mean several things. A common way in which it’s used is to express the idea of conjuring - pulling the proverbial rabbit out of a hat. Bringing something into existence that didn’t exist before.
There’ll be a range of beliefs about this. From it being merely sleight of hand, done for entertainment purposes, to it being, a literal act of creation with the use of special powers.
In whichever way it's thought of, ‘magic’ usually conveys ideas of mystery and wonder.
What is art?
If you write a poem, paint a picture, write a song, you are literally bringing something into the world that wasn’t there before. What’s more this creation may well have ‘special powers’. The ability to strongly affect people, to move them - even change their lives.
You are performing a kind of magic. Artists are magicians.
But why stop at art? Aren’t we constantly bringing things into the world that weren't there before. Take something as mundane as making a cup of tea.
Neurons fire in my brain and an intention is formed. This becomes instructions to parts of my body. I manipulate objects in the world - tap, kettle, cup, tea bag, spoon, milk.
Hey presto! What started with electrical activity in my brain resulted in something being manifested. I’ve conjured up a cup of tea!
Or speaking.
I have a mind state – say – happiness. I shape some air with my vocal chords. Air vibrates. Sounds emerge from my mouth. This vibrating air enters the ear of another human being, who hears the sounds I’ve made. These sounds are given the meaning – “I am happy”
Hey presto! - by this process the knowledge of my mindstate has been placed into the mind of my friend.
If everything is magical doesn't that devalue the word? Shouldn’t the word be reserved for something a little more extraordinary, more elevated – not as run of the mill as making a cup of tea?
Well, you could make that case. I think you equally make a case that *everything* - is indeed – magical.
As young children we had no knowledge of how the world worked. Of cause and effect. Of predictability.
"There was a whole day yesterday, then it was night. Wow! It’s happening again, here comes another day!...brilliant!
We lived in an enchanted world, everything was new, full of wonder….magical
But what about now?
Well, what could be more mysterious, more wonderful, than
What does it mean to exist? To be conscious right here and now on this planet in this universe at this precise moment in time.
Everything is profoundly mysterious. Strange even. Magical.
Being here, now, alive.
Abracadabra! ----------------------------------------------
“It’s magic
it’s not about magic,
it’s not like magic:
It IS magic
It’s real magic.
Incantations, spells, ceremonies, rituals
what are they?
They’re poems.” Ted Hughes

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