My initial intention, when I started this blog, was to prattle on alarmingly about the things I'd seen on walks around the patch.

To do the 'art stuff' and to write about stuff

I also liked the idea of looking at a group of organisms - lichens, grasses etc and their place on the patch.

Both are interesting and have their place, but I find that that a third approach is just as interesting. A more holistic look at things.

If I wanted to ramp up the pretentiousness, I could call it the 'Gestalt of the Patch'...or the 'MetaPatch'...or some such nonsense. However I'm going to settle for a more down to earth - 'Everything'.

So I take a fairly abstract concept like colour - others I could do are things like fractals, time, algorithms, gravity, complexity, chaos, custard* etc. Then find, and hopefully photograph, examples on the patch.

I'm still going to prattle on alarmingly - but it will be meta-prattle.

* are you sure about the custard - ed
The Astronomical Patch

Homo Patchiensis



Word Magic

Plato's Cave - patch perception

Wren song - the sound of the Big Bang - energy and entropy




  1. Well this has got my interest. came here via your Facebook feed. good to get a more holistic view of nature rather a single species superhype. Buzz

    1. Thanks and nice picture of an Angle Shades you've got there


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